Transforming houses into dream homes is an art, and at Prepped Place, we specialize in turning properties into captivating spaces that buyers can’t resist. Our staging service is designed to highlight the full potential of your property, maximizing its appeal and value.

What Our Designer Will Do for You:


🎨 Consultation & Assessment: Our experienced designer will conduct an in-depth consultation and assessment of your property, understanding its unique characteristics and potential.

🏑 Personalized Staging Plan: Based on the consultation, we’ll craft a tailored staging plan that accentuates your property’s strengths while minimizing any perceived flaws.

πŸͺž Furniture Arrangement & Layout: Our designer will strategically arrange furniture and decor to optimize the flow and visual appeal of each room, creating an inviting atmosphere.

🌿 DΓ©cor & Accessories: Adding the perfect finishing touches is key. We’ll incorporate stylish decor and accessories that elevate the space, making it feel like a desirable home.

πŸ“Έ Photography-Ready Presentation: Staging isn’t just about in-person appeal; it’s also about creating stunning photographs for listings. We ensure your property shines in photos, attracting potential buyers online.

πŸ“œ Detailed Recommendations: Beyond staging, our designer will provide detailed recommendations for any minor adjustments or enhancements to further enhance the property’s marketability.