Wash N Fold Services

At Prepped Place, we understand the demands of a busy lifestyle. Our Wash-n-Fold service offers convenience, quality, and care for your laundry needs, ensuring your clothes are fresh, clean, and neatly folded.

What Our Service Includes:


Pick-Up & Drop-Off

  • We offer hassle-free pick-up and drop-off services, saving you time and effort. Just schedule a convenient time, and we’ll handle the rest!


 Professional Cleaning

  • Your laundry is treated with care, washed using high-quality detergents, and folded meticulously by our expert team.


 Quality Assurance

  • We take pride in delivering laundry that not only looks clean but feels fresh and smells delightful, ensuring your satisfaction.


 Quick Turnaround

  • We understand the need for prompt service. Expect a quick turnaround time so you can have your laundry back when you need it.


For Airbnb Owners:


 Linen Refresh for Hosts

  • Airbnb owners, we’ve got you covered! We specialize in refreshing linens, ensuring your guests are welcomed with clean, crisp sheets and towels.


Bedding & Towel Care

  • From bedding sets to towels, we handle the laundering of linens with the same attention to detail and quality.


Flexible Scheduling

  • Need a quick turnaround between guests? Our flexible scheduling ensures your Airbnb property is always equipped with fresh linens.

Our Process:

  • Scheduling Pick-Up: Arrange a convenient pick-up time for your laundry or linens, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free service.
  • Professional Inspection: Upon receiving your linens, we meticulously inspect them to identify any stains or specific care requirements.
  • Expert Cleaning: Our skilled team washes, dries, and treats the linens with utmost care, using high-quality detergents and techniques tailored to each item’s needs.
  • Thorough Inspection: Post-cleaning, we conduct another detailed inspection to ensure the linens meet our stringent quality standards.
  • Careful Folding & Packaging: Once inspected and approved, your linens are neatly folded or packaged to maintain their freshness until delivery.
  • Convenient Drop-Off: We promptly return your freshly laundered items at the scheduled time, ensuring your satisfaction with the quality of our service.